Terms & Conditions

1.     General

1.1  Prices quoted over the phone or by email are only an estimate. Factors such as excessive soiling of the vehicle, the presence of dog hair or a high level of paint contamination can result in additional charges to reflect the extra time that will be required to complete the work to a satisfactory standard. Any additional charges will be discussed during the initial vehicle inspection prior to work commencing.

1.2  Additional work if required will be billed at a rate of £30 per hour.

1.3  We request that clients give 24 hours' notice for cancellation. Failure to do so may result is a £10 charge being applied to the next booked service.

1.4  If the weather conditions render us unable to complete the booked service a new time and date can be arranged at no extra cost to the client.

1.5  Our operation area is a 10-mile radius from my office location, defined as BS48 3AT. Bookings outside of this area may be subject to a mileage charge of £1 per mile.

1.6  All payments are to be completed immediately upon completion of the work unless otherwise specified.

1.7  By having your car valeted by AJ Detailing you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as laid out on this page.

1.8  New customers are eligable for a 10% discount on your first booked valet service. If booking for paint correction the discount shall be applied to the valet portion of the price.

2.     The Vehicle

2.1  A vehicle inspection will be carried out prior to the commencement of work. This is to protect both us and the client. Vehicles will be checked for any damage such as dents, scratches and rust. We request the client inform us of any damage that they are aware of.

2.2  The agreed price, as stated on the vehicle inspection form, once signed by the client is final and binding.

2.3  Please remove all personal belongings from the vehicle prior to the service. AJ Detailing will not accept liability for the loss or damage of any belongings left in the vehicle.

2.4  If child seats are present and to be removed during the service, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are fitted correctly and are safe for use prior to using them.

2.5  Every client will be given time to inspect the vehicle after the work has been carried out. Any faults or areas of dissatisfaction must be raised at that time and the fault can either be rectified.

2.6  No responsibility will be accepted for faults raised after we have left the clients premises.


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Terms & Conditions

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