If your car isn’t looking quite a shiny as it used to, reflections are starting to look hazy, and there’s scratches & swirl marks that catch the eye then paint correction will absolutely transform your cars appearance.

We offer a variety of different levels of correction to suit your needs, whether you’re looking to breath some life back in to old & faded paint, restore your car to showroom condition or anything in-between, we can produce the result you want.

If you’re not sure what service is best for you then get in touch and we can arrange a vehicle inspection. This gives us a chance to check the condition of your paint, ensure that it’s suitable for polishing, perform some test spots to see how your paint reacts to a machine polish, and settle on a service that gives you the results you’re looking for.


From £175

3h 30 min

Restores faded clear coat, removes hazing and light scratches.


Single-Stage Paint Correction

From £300

1 day

50-80% of defects removed, including swirl marks, light to moderate scratches & faded clear coat.


Two-Stage Paint Correction

From £550

2 days

90% or more of defects removed, including all swirl marks, moderate to heavy scratches and faded clear coat.


Ceramic Coatings

Once your car is shining like it never has before, there’s no better way to keep it that way than with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating will give amazing hydrophobic properties to your paint, make it an absolute breeze to keep clean and provide physical protection from contamination and scratches.

We use a variety of products depending on your paint type, with coatings from Koch-Chemie, Gtechniq, CarPro and Sonax in our arsenal we can ensure we use the perfect product for your car.

All of our ceramic coatings offer at least 24 months protection, often hitting 36 months or more with the correct maintenance.

With prices starting from £200 a ceramic coating can be a great way to protect your pride and joy for years to come.

Contact us today for more information or to get booked in.

Please note, our single-stage and two-stage machine polishing, and ceramic coating services require a working area that is protected from the elements. If you do not have a garage or covered parking, we have a workshop close to Bristol Airport where the work can be carried out.


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